i have days

I have days when I feel how happy anywhere. As no one can make me depressed. Then it really is me against the whole damn world. Alone or together, but no one can hurt me.
I have days when I hate myself, my body and everything. When I have the world's anxiety and feel sick from eating at all. Then I was starving me through the day and have no energy.
I have days when I feel totally fucking awsome. When I find myself so damn funny. Maybe I'm not enöigt others. haha.
I have days when I feel that everything is wrong. Nothing works like it should. Then I tell myself quite sick thoughts. Then I feel so damn lonely.
I have days when my friends and family is the only thing that can make me happy.
I have days when I just remember everything negative in my life and is damn depressed for weeks.
But only when I'm alone, I don't wanna show myself weak for my close, I can not, it is not possible for me . I don't know why. I just want to be strong, don't lie.

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